6 problems your pet may have that can be easily solved

If you have a pet, then you treat it like a part of the family. And, as a part of the family, you want the best care for them that you can find. Have you ever thought of natural remedies for your pets?

Even medicine for pets can have side effects. Just like humans, we want to minimize the side effects while they are getting well. One way to do that for your pet is to opt for natural remedies to start with.

Maybe you don’t know of any natural remedies. We are going to help you with that. But, check with your veterinarian first before using any non-medicinal treatment.

Pet Remedies

1.  Skunk smell – Pets like cats and dogs can get into a lot of trouble while exploring in the woods. And, they do like messing with skunks. When your pet gets sprayed they will be stinky. One way to help get rid of the smell is vinegar and water. Combine vinegar and water together and rub it all over your pet. Continue to pour it on and rub in until the odor is gone. Wear gloves to keep the skunk smell off of you.

2.  Ear mites – It is important to keep the ears of pets clean. If you do notice mites in their ears, apply a mixture of Vitamin E and almond oil. Squeeze a few drops into their ear and massage it in. To be sure you have covered the entire ear, use cotton tip applicators to clean all areas of mites. Applying mineral oil can help keep mites away.

3.  Bad breath – Yes, pets can have bad breath. To stop the odor, feed them with natural food, and give them real bones to chew. Natural food will do a good job but bones will act like a tooth brush.

4.  Itchy skin – If your pet has dry skin and itches, it's probably because you are unknowingly feeding them too many carbohydrates. Processed food contains a lot of carbohydrate. Give him fresh meat, offal and bones and your pet's skin will be perfect and the coat silky..

5.  Insect bites – Pet skin can become red and inflamed from insect bites. To stop them from scratching, make a paste of baking soda and water. Apply that to the affected areas.

6.  Car sickness – Don’t feed your pet before travel. Food in the belly and motion can make them sick. Also, try putting your pet in the front seat. When they can see where they are going they can orient better. Crack the window to let in fresh air as well.

After using your remedies, always visit the veterinarian for follow up to see if your methods are working.
6 problems your pet may have