Our Story

1st Moz team

Our story begins with us: Karine and Mario. We are a couple passionate about dogs and cats.

The name MOZ is a tribute to our first English Bulldog:  Mozart, or MOZ for close friends. Moz was, for us, an unconditional friend and a full member of the family. Some dog and cat owners will tell you that if you really want to know the meaning of friendship, adopt a dog or a cat.

One day, we took Moz to the vet because he had been behaving differently for a few days. He was drinking a lot of water and sleeping too much.

To our amazement, we learned Mozart suffered from a disease that generally afflicts humans: Diabetes.

Mozart was fed the best recommended brand of kibble for dogs on the market, and it was a very expensive food.

After this diagnosis, we began to research and take trainings on canine and feline nutrition, given by renowned agronomists to understand how it was possible that our dog suffered from diabetes.

We understood that all the processed dog food on the market was comparable to industrialized human food, containing a host of unwanted ingredients, preservatives, and especially sugar. Lots of sugar.

Dogs and cats are essentially carnivores, and their digestive systems are nothing like humans. The best food a dog and a cat can eat for their health is 100% natural raw meat, organ meats and bones, because their stomachs are made to digest this kind of food and that practically everything that is sold on the market is cooked and processed.

Conclusion was simple: processed and cooked food dramatically decreases the longevity of dogs in addition to causing modern diseases and problems similar to those found in humans.

We decided that from now on, we would manufacture our own food, following the training and advice we received from renowned agronomists in canine and feline nutrition.

After several months on a raw diet, Mozart made a full recovery from his diabetes. The vet believed in the miracle, but not us. We knew why he recovered.

Little by little, friends, families and neighbors came to collect their food rations every week because their dogs and cats were getting healthier every day on a raw food diet.

After a few years, and following the tremendous results we obtained, as well as the many requests from our friends and families, we decided to invest all our savings by starting a business in the manufacturing of custom dog and cat food.

The company ''Chef Canin'' in province of Quebec was officially launched in 2016.

We developed a line of "Raw Food" products from fresh meat, offal, and fresh bones, frozen for preservation as raw food contains no preservatives.

Chef Canin made a remarkable entrance in most pet stores in Quebec and is still extremely popular.

However, having to keep the food frozen requires incredible logistics when it comes to distribution and storage. In addition, many people do not like handling blooded meat so it lessened the chance for everyone to be able to optimally feed dogs and cats.

So we continued our research again to discover, after 2 years, in Europe, there is a unique process of cold pasteurization for all natural foods. This process keeps all the quality, nutrients, and freshness for over a year at room temperature. And this process has been around for 20 years.

Amazed by the product, and after 2 years of testing and validation, We negotiated and obtained exclusive distribution of the product for North America, with the label ''1st Moz''.

Finally, we can provide all dog and cat owners with the best food that suits their pets perfectly and allows them to maintain optimal health, increase their longevity and have a better quality of life overall. And all that easily, without the raw meat problems.

In 2020, we sold Chef Canin to dedicate ourselves to our new business, 1st Moz.

We are incredibly grateful to MOZART because it's thanks to him that we are improving the lives of thousands of dogs and cats.

MOZ, you are, and will remain with us forever!