What is the difference between dry food and 1st Moz

It's simple. 1st Moz is fresh meat, finely ground giblets and bones, and dogs and cats are biologically suitable for eating fresh meat because they are carnivores, not homnivores.

The dry meat industry has only existed for 80 years and there are a lot of diseases that did not exist before, such as cancer, diabetes, and multiple allergies, to name just these

When dry food are processed, it is cooked at a very high temperature in an extruder and loses almost all of its nutrients.

So to compensate for the loss of nutrients and balance the recipe, companies add synthetic vitamines and minerals. They then add a lot of filling products which are very high in carbohydrate and which are harmful to the health of the animal.

Think for a moment and ask ourselves if it is better for humans to prepare their fresh meals every day, or to take food already prepared, filled with preservative, sugar, and ultra processed?Obviously, you choose fresh and unprocessed food.

It is the same with animals.

Dogs and cats achieve optimal health by eating fresh, unprocessed food and one of the many reasons is that food made up with fresh meat (animal protein), offal and finely ground bones is more easily digestible. (4h to 6h) that dry food which it takes from 18h to 24h to be digested, without any carbohydrates.

It's not magic, it's just natural and unprocessed !!!!!

Who makes the recipes at 1st Moz?

Our recipes are formulated and made by doctors in canine and feline nutrition.

Is your meat complete or is it a treat?

Our meat is a complete meal that must be given every day to your dog and cat for them to be in perfect health. If you wish, you can add supplements like our hemp oil, or whatever, according to your beliefs, but we suggest that you do not give too much sugary foods.

Can I give the same 1rst Moz meal to my dog and my cat?

The recipe for cats and dogs are the same. Both animals are carnivores. That means that there is no need to add fruits or vegetables. Muscle meat and organ pulpit are an excellent natural source of taurine, which is an essential amino acid for the cat (and is ok for dogs).

Can I give 1st MOZ food to my puppy?

Yes. With our recipe for puppies, your puppy will have all the nutrients vitamins and minerals necessary for its growth.

Do I have to keep 1st MOZ meat products in the freezer?

No. Our proprietary process eliminates 100% of bacteria, parasites and preserves all nutrients without the need for added chemicals. Once opened, please refrigerate for four to five days.

Can we offer dry food and your meat at the same time?

Yes, you can feed the dry food and the meat at the same time. Because every dog and cat is different, we advise you to buy very high quality dry food, without carbohydrates, to help the digestion for your dog. The true benefit of a wet diet is not so noticeable when wet food makes up less than 75% of the diet.

If you want better results it may be necessary to switch to 100% wet food. Once you give 1st Moz food to your furry friend, you will notice a huge difference quickly.

Are the recipes complete?

1st Moz recipes contain all the essential nutrients necessary for the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. In the formulation of our recipes, we use the dietary recommendations for calcium, phosphorus, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals set forth by the AAFCO. Since such standards are minimal, we are proud to say that we exceed these standards.