Benefits of our meat


1. It's a pleasure to eat!

Our recipes are extremely appetizing for your pet! In fact, from an early age, cats and dogs are naturally attracted to meat. Do you have an animal that ''sulk'' it's food bowl? This will never happen with our products.

1rst Moz benefits

2. It's super practical for you

Unlike frozen food where you have to carefully plan meal time, 1st Moz is a sterilized raw food product that keeps at room temperature and can be fed instantly. Bring a meat roll with you at all times and anywhere.

3. Better overall health

Did you know that dogs and cats are animals that are basically made to eat meat? In fact, their immune system will be at peak level with our 100% natural meat product. Stop feeding  your pet over-cooked, processed and dried food that interferes with the health of your animal.

4. Fresher breath

Cooked processed food stays between the teeth of your pet because the starch contributes to develop bacteria that causes bad breath. On the other hand, fresh meat does not stick to teeth, giving your pet fresher breath. 

1rst Moz benefits

5. Increased Mobility

''Since I've been giving him fresh food, my 10-year old dog has been walking up and down the stairs and behaving like a puppy.'' 1st Moz food nutrients are easily digested and processed by your animal, giving it back its strength, mobility and playfulness. 

1rst Moz benefits

6. A beautiful musculature

A diet consisting of fresh protein is an essential way to help your animal stay strong with a healthy musculature. 

7. No more tartar

Combined with real chewing bones, your pet's oral health will be breathtaking. Its teeth will be beautiful, white and healthy. Meat does not stick to teeth, compared to cooked croquettes. 

1rst Moz benefits

8. Better digestion

Raw meat only takes 4 to 6 hours to digest unlike dry food, which can take up to 24 hours to be digested. Your pet does not spend all day digesting his meal and will have more energy. 

9. Healthier coat

Natural, unprocessed raw meat food simply results in a healthier coat and it won't take long until you see the difference on your animal. 

10. No more allergy related issues

If you pet suffers from allergies, feeding it whole, uncooked meat food will help it stay healthy. No more scratching, and repeated ear infections, red patches on the skin, paw-gnawing, excessive hair loss and hairless patches in your animal's coat. 

1rst Moz benefits

11. Less bulky stools

Our products contain only 100% natural ingredients that are entirely processed by your animal's digestive system. With no added fillers, stools are reduced and, above all, less odorous.