6 reasons your pet doesn't want to eat.

There are numerous reason why a domestic animal would not want to eat. Here are 6 questions you have to ask yourself before taking him to the vet.

But first you need to observe your pet's behavior and check for signs that could hide problem related to the food you're serving your pet friend.

Is he/she playful?
Does he/she drink enough water?
Does he eat his favorite treat if you give it to him
If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is probably not a serious matter.

By cons if you answered NO to the questions above and your pet deos not look well, he does not want to drink despite that you insist and his favorite treat he does not want it, it would be important to go see a veterinarian.

Here are the 5 question to ask yourself if your pet doesn't want to eat:

1. Would you have given more treats to your pet?

If you give your pet more treats it is possible that he is not hungry at mealtime. It’s important to look at the amount of treats you give. If you add up all the treats you give during the day and you compare with the amount of a ration and that the treats equals the ration or surpasses … hum it is normal that your animal is not hungry.

2. Would her daily ration be too generous for her daily activity?

During the summer your pet is probably more active than during the winter. So if the daily ration is the same throughout the year it is possible that your pet eats a little too much during certain periods of time. And that will explain why he is not hungry today.

3. Would you have given something different to eat because he did not want to eat?

As your pet did not want to eat you gave him treats or something else. So your pet understands that if he refuses his dish you will reward him with something he loves. So why eat his dish if he can have something else.

4. Did you give some table food?

If you have given table cook food it is possible that your pet is sulking his food because he wants to have what you gave him when you were at the table. So you will have to make him understand that his food is what is in his bowl and especially you should stop giving him cook food from the table.

5. Has there been a change in his environment?

Is there a new member in the family, or have you just changed up your environment, moved out, or are you in a stressful situation right now? Your pet may be sensitive to the environment and what you live. A change can affect it and cause it to not want to eat.

6. Are we in a heat wave?

If so, it is possible that your pet is just not hungry. We too in times of heat wave we happen not to be very hungry. It comes back after a few days.

All those questions car help you adjust to your pet's need. If your pet's heals deteriorate, don't hesitate to consult your veterinarian who will be able to assist your animal with proper care.

6 reason your pet doesn't want to eat.