6 hazardous foods for dogs

Hazardous foods for dogs 

Since, it is not your dog who has got that masters degree from the country college, so it won’t comprehend the difference between healthy and hazardous foods. There are so many food items which may put your dog at risk. Most of the times, people unknowingly feed their dogs with wrong foods. The information given below will certainly help you out with keeping your loved furry companion away from such risks.

These are some of those food items that need to be shunned from a dog’s diet

    1. Cooked bones: The danger of these bones does not come from a toxin but from the ingestion itself. Cooked bones can be fatal for your dog because they are easily broken with their sharp shards and risk puncturing the stomach.
      Prefer to offer him a raw fleshy dog bone which will be beneficial for his oral health. You still have to watch him when he eats his bone. In addition to this, you need to know more about it.
    2. Onions: Onions contain n-propyl disulfide substance which changes and ultimately destroys all the red blood cells present in the body of a dog. This can cause hemolytic anemia and in some cases death.
    3. Chocolates: For small dogs, chocolates are a fatal food while for larger ones; it is a serious threat to health. Reason is a chemical substance called theobromine that causes increase in blood pressure and heart rate.
    4. Cat food:  Dogs like cat dry food because of its high fat content, but it is not good for them. It does not have proper balance of nutrients to fulfill their diet. Cat food has a surplus of Taurine which is lost during cooking. The cat does not manufacture Taurine in sufficient quantity for his health and must find it in what he eats. This Taurine can affect the health of your dog because the dog is able to make sufficient quantities of its own Taurine.
    5. Leather bone: These are the worst form of foods for dogs. Though marketed as completely digestible, they are made from plastic.
    6. Grapes: Fresh, the toxic amount of grapes is from 10 g per kg of weight, or only one or two grapes. Dry, it is much more toxic because it is more concentrated. The lethal dose for an animal can vary considerably depending on its weight, breed and metabolism. It is therefore difficult to define


Avoiding or completely keeping your dog away from these foods will definitely help you to maintain its health safely.

hazardous foods for dogs