Why is Moz also great for Cats?

If you say to yourself that dog food does not do the cat, you are right …… in the case of processed food like kibble, cane food or other cooked food…

Our food is 100% natural, UNCOOKED, made with finely ground meat, offal and bones. No fillers or preservatives.

Unlike dogs, cats do not produce taurine (an essential amino acid for carnivores) in sufficient quantity for their well-being ... they must therefore find it in their food to be in good shape.

Taurine is found in fresh meat and more particularly in offal. (especially the heart) As our recipes are based on whole prey, we find all the organs filled with vitamins and minerals essential for both of your dog and your cat.
Because this is 100% natural food, dogs will not have excess taurine either.

When dry cat and dog food is prepared, it is processed, and cooked at a very high temperature (extruded) and loses almost all of its nutrients.
So to compensate and balance the recipe, companies add synthetic products such as taurine for the cat because it is essential for him, and add nothing for the dog because it produces its own taurine needs.

That's why when you walk into a pet store, dry cat food is on one side and dog food on the other.

With 1st Moz, it's easy !!!!

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