Biologic Slippery Elm Powder

by 1st Moz


Slippery elm powder is a fantastic natural product.

Known for a long time, this powder is made from the bark of the tree. Its properties are surprising. When mixed with water, it creates a thick layer that provides immediate relief from many problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease, colitis, ulcers, and gastritis. It is also suitable for the relief of irritations of the throat.


It is a natural lubricant for the entire digestive system starting from the mouth and going to the colon, even passing through the bladder.
Thanks to its many vitamins, it helps control the calcium and magnesium levels your pet needs.
Helps relieve digestive disorders such as constipation or, conversely, diarrhea.
Helps relieve colitis, gastritis, ulcers or any other intestinal inflammation.

External (mix with water):

Excellent for relieving oral inflammation.
Promotes healing of burns and open wounds.
Soothes ulcers quickly.
Relieves skin rashes such as an allergic reaction or eczema.
Follow the instructions on the container

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