Cold sterilization process

The health and well-being of your cats and dogs is a key element in all that we do.

A high-tech factory, combined with a cold sterilization process that never cooks the food, keeps all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in our 100% natural food. This also means no coloring and preservatives.

At 1st Moz, our product development process relies on the latest knowledge in animal nutrition. Our rolls are prepared using a specialized, exclusive and patented production process that includes sterilization at very low temperatures. This process maintains a high humidity rate and, by extension, preserves essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements while eliminating harmful bacteria and other irritants.

Our unique process creates rolls that can be stored at room temperature for up to one year, with no impact on taste or quality.


Never cooked

Our recipes are prepared in our factory respecting the same standards as a human food factory. Our meats are supplied from accredited suppliers. All are 100% natural and most importantly, NEVER PROCESSED, NEVER COOKED.

To guarantee impeccable quality, no detail is left to chance ! Each production is tested by an on-site laboratory

Tasty and balanced, 1st Moz recipes are developed by canine and feline nutritionists to meet all the nutritional needs established by the

- Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO),
- National Research Council Canada (NRC),
- European Petfood Industry Federation.(FEDIAF)

Rigorous quality testing, followed by traceability with the batch number indicated on each box ensures you get a quality product each and every time.

What the law says

As our product comes from Poland and is governed by the (FEDIAF), 

European regulations require that:

All materials of animal origin come from healthy animals slaughtered in slaughterhouses under the control of official veterinarians.

These materials can only come strictly from healthy animals declared fit for human consumption, after post-mortem veterinary inspection.

Under no circumstances may therefore be used materials derived from animals that died from accidents or disease, or so-called “specified risk” materials in the context of BSE eradication measures, all of these materials , considered "high risk" being destroyed by incineration.

If it becomes necessary to import materials, they are then accompanied by a veterinary certificate signed by the official services of the country concerned, attesting to compliance with the conditions set out above.


Strict regulation of GMOs

The regulations concerning GMOs in human food apply in full to animal feed: presence and labeling threshold.
Suppliers selected by pet food manufacturers are subject to increasingly stringent specifications. All deliveries of raw materials are analyzed in order to accurately assess their nutritional and health quality, before their implementation. Permanent controls take place during production and on finished products which make it possible to verify the conformity of products at all stages of their manufacture and to guarantee optimum food safety.



Cold sterilization process